Winter and the Water Element Part 2

  I started with a brief introduction to Winter and the Water Element. Since it is such an important Element in acupuncture, and hence to our health, I am happy to expand further on it, and also recommend you check back to that post as well, if interested. (see: ‘Blog’) “The mysterious powers of Winter Continue reading »

Winter & the Water Element

  In this and future blog posts, I wish to share some information with regards to your health and well-being as seen from a Five Element Acupuncture perspective. My aim is to help increase your awareness of Nature’s changes and transformations through the Seasons and how this relates to changes and transformations within ourselves. Without Continue reading »

Autumn and the Metal Element Part 2

  “O wild west Wind, thou breath of Autumn’s being…” Percy Bysshe Shelley, Ode to the West Wind “The west Wind arises in Autumn.”  Nei Jing* Here we are close to the Winter Solstice and the winds of Autumn are whipping up a storm across a wide swathe of the country. The leaves have fallen Continue reading »

Autumn and the Metal Element

  “My spirit is tuned to the spring season: At the autumn of the year there is autumn in my heart. Thus imitating cosmic changes, my cottage becomes a universe.”    Li Yun After the extended period of mild and damp weather that we have experienced until recently, it is safe to say we are now Continue reading »

Late Summer and the Earth Element Part 2

  “Earth occupies the centre and is called the heavenly fructifier. It is the assister of Heaven. Its power is abundant and good, and cannot be assigned to the affairs of a single season only. Therefore among the five Elements and four seasons, Earth embraces all. Although Metal, Wood, Water and Fire each have their Continue reading »

Late Summer and the Earth Element

  “The five phases of energy evolution, earth, metal, water, wood and fire encompass all phenomena of nature. It is a symbolism that applies itself equally to all life.”   Nei Jing* ” Nature has four seasons and five elements”     Nei Jing* A belated welcome to Late Summer  – the fifth season! This post arrives later Continue reading »

Summer and the Fire Element Part 3

  “…the heart is like the minister of the monarch… When the monarch is intelligent and enlightened there is peace and contentment among his subjects; they can thus beget offspring, bring up their children, earn a living and lead a long and happy life…” Nei Jing* As we discovered in the last post, the ancient Continue reading »

Summer and the Fire Element Part 2

  “…They should enable the best parts (of their body and spirit) to develop; they should enable their breath (energy/chi) to communicate with the outside world; and they should act as though they loved everything outside.” Nei Jing* I indicated at the end of the previous post on Summer that we would start exploring the Continue reading »

Summer and the Fire Element

  ” The three months of summer are called the period of luxurious growth. The breaths of Heaven and Earth intermingle and are beneficial. Everything is in bloom and begins to bear fruit.” – Nei Jing * We enter Summer with the summer solstice, when the sun is at its northernmost position relative to Earth Continue reading »

Spring and the Wood Element Part 3

  DECISIONS, DECISIONS. DECISIONS!  – THE GALL BLADDER MERIDIAN STEPS FORWARD… “…the gall bladder occupies the position of an important and upright Official who excels through his decisions and judgment…” – Nei Jing As it has been such a long drawn-out period of cold this Spring, and with ‘Springwatch’ just arriving on our TV screens, Continue reading »