Balancing Solutions 1


The Perelandra MBP Balancing Solutions give back to the body what the planetary environment can no longer supply. They are oral solutions that are taken once or twice a day, depending on your need. Each Solution has a specific number of drops printed prominently on the bottle label telling you how many drops to take for each dose. They may be taken by adults – young and old, healthy and ill or injured – pregnant women, children and infants. They are easy to take, they are safe and they are natural.

What the MBP Balancing Solutions Do

Each MBP Balancing Solution balances, builds and strengthens its respective system. This enables the system itself to function properly and address any illness, condition or disease related to that system. The Solutions give the body the ability to repair and protect itself. In other words, the Perelandra MBP Balancing Solutions enable the body to do the job it was designed to do – protect, prevent, heal and restore. No one and nothing does that better.

What the MBP Balancing Solution Don’t Do

The MBP Balancing Solutions do not specifically address or heal any illnesses, diseases or conditions we might be experiencing. For example, they are not medicines designed to treat cancer, infectious diseases, muscular dystrophy or tuberculosis.

How the MBP Balancing Solutions are Made