A big thank you to those of my patients who have kindly written about their personal experience of acupuncture treatment with me.

” I’ve seen Richard Royds since 1988. I’d been struggling with chronic, and debilitating back pain for a few years and had sought help from osteopaths and other acupuncturists, but without success. It was only when I met Richard and had treatment with him over a period of weeks, that the pain began to ease, and after two or three months was gone entirely.

I realised also that other areas of my life began to improve: I began to sleep more soundly and wake feeling more refreshed; I felt less stressed, more energetic, and had much more clarity in my thinking.

Having worked with Richard now for over twenty years I have absolute confidence in him and know him to be an extremely gifted healer, in body, mind and spirit. I can’t recommend him highly enough.”


” Acupuncture treatment with Richard has been such a positive experience and continues to be. I chose to have treatment with Richard because of the depth of his experience as a practitioner and as a human being. The combination of his skills and professionalism as an acupuncturist together with his compassion, insight and wisdom had made for a powerful healing process that has been life-changing.

His warm and gentle nature provides a beautiful healing space always accompanied by a smile.”


“Richard has been treating me for asthma for well over twenty years and has pretty well cured me. In the 1980s I was advised to take an anti-asthma pill every day for the rest of my life ‘just like cleaning the teeth’. Now I hardly ever need it.

I strongly recommend Richard and the five element acupuncture system. The philosophy may be challenging to those immersed in scepticism and the scientific method, but in practice it’s thousands of years old and it works.”


” I found Richard to be an insightful practitioner. After a course of acupuncture to help with my asthma, I felt much stronger and find, even a year later, that I’m using my steroid inhaler a fraction of the time, in comparison to prior to treatment when I was using it twice a day.”

Natasha Carr-Rouse


“Richard’s treatments work on many levels, and treat the whole person. The session always starts with a chat, and Richard tunes in to how you are and what kind of help you need. I find talking to him very helpful. He is gentle, non-judgemental, perceptive and wise. The treatments have strengthened, nourished and balanced my whole system. They help me sustain my energy during demanding times. And most of all they give me emotional strength.”


“I have seen Richard on a regular basis for about seven years. As an overworked and
overstressed small business owner I feel that the treatments Richard provides help me
cope better, make better decisions and feel better too. Over this time he has become
more than just my acupuncturist and is a trusted friend and confidant. I cannot
recommend him highly enough.”


“I’ve been seeing Richard on pretty much a monthly basis for almost 8 years now. I first went to him fo help with insomnia caused by stress and anxiety. Since then he has really helped me create balance in my life. Because of my treatments with him I know I am physically fitter, emotionally more stable, much less stressed and altogether much more able to cope with things. Richard’s treatments have become an intergral part of my life – he has helped me to see where I can try and change deep-rooted patterns of thought and behaviour that were having detrimental effects on my health. Through having regular acupuncture I feel much more in control of my own health and happiness. I can’t really recommend Richard highly enough. As a practitioner he is obviously very skilled, but he is also warm, sensitive, astute with a wonderful sense of humour and I trust him completely – what more can I say!”


“I have been seeing Richard regularly for nearly eight years and feel his treatment is an invaluable part of my general well being. For me, his acupuncture sessions are a balancing of the body and mind. I always come away from them feeling realigned and reinvigorated – sort of like a regular ‘tune-up’.”


“For a long time I had trouble sleeping as I suffered from a stuffy nose, and I thought that acupuncture might be a natural way of treating this. Not only have my sessions with Richard dramatically helped in this area, but over time I realised that they were assisting me in many more ways. I have come to consider regular acupuncture as an important part of my personal well-being, and find Richard in particular a calming, gentle and balanced influence in what can often seem a relentlessly hectic city life.”


“I have been a client of Richard’s for over twenty years and during that time I have found his approach as a practitioner of Traditional acupuncture to be very professional and compassionate. I value his intergrity and support when discussing matters of a personal nature.”


“We first visited Richard with specific problems and we both found his treatment incredibly beneficial. However, we soon realised how holistic are the benefits of traditional acupuncture and we have been returning for regular treatment over many years. Not only is Richard a true professional but he is a caring, gentle and wise man who is a great pleasure to know.”
Jane & Roger